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Thurne Fisheries website is designed to advise on issues related to the angling and access to the Upper Thurne Broads in respect of seasonal wildfowl refuges and limited access to Horsey Mere for pike fishing.

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Welcome to the Thurne Fisheries website 

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The purpose of this site is to provide information regarding the access and management policies currently being applied to the Upper Thurne Fisheries of Hickling Broad, Martham Broad(s) and Horsey Mere and any associated smaller Broads.

The information is provided to enable anglers, particularly pike anglers to be fully informed as to any current restrictions or guidelines that may apply to these waters. The background and current status of this project can be found in the Introduction Page.

The message for all users, in particular pike anglers, is that we have an opportunity to continue to have access to some of the UK’s greatest natural pike fishing for as long as we all consider the interests of others around us.

In making available this web site and the information it contains, we are hoping that we can rely upon your continuing support, as you will see on the back of your efforts already, we are moving forward and getting greater rewards for your efforts.

You are all able to influence pike fishings future in the Upper Thurne Fisheries by the way you behave when fishing, please make sure it is a positive influence!

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