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Thurne Fisheries website is designed to advise on issues related to the angling and access to the Upper Thurne Broads in respect of seasonal wildfowl refuges and limited access to Horsey Mere for pike fishing.

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Horsey Mere -Pike fishing trial 2011 – new extended fishing area available.

By predator-chaser | August 5, 2011

The title says it all really, Horsey Mere, thanks to agreement between the Horsey Estate, Natural England, Broads Authority and angling, now has an increased fishing access area available for the coming Winter period from October 2011 to February 28th 2012. Please remember that this is part of an ongoing trial fishing exercise and should there be any increased impact through disturbance on the birds this Winter, this new area and the access as a whole put at risk. Please follow the code and observe all the rules when fishing on Horsey Mere and we could all continue to benefit for the future

This new extended area is agreed on the back of good relationships between the partners and anglers that have built on the trust placed in us and is in spite of the minority who have made it difficult for the Horsey Estate by poaching in other areas of the Mere. With this extended area on the North side of the Mere anglers will have improved access to a key part of the fishing where there is greater chance to put a bait on likely patrol route for the prey and the pike.

All other conditions, explained in the permit and application forms, remain as in previous years. The usual end of season 2 week open period will continue for 1st March 2012 and period tickets will again make it possible for those purchasing these to be free from the attentions of the wardens on fishing days when normal permit checks will be made. A worthwhile benefit to keep your swim undisturbed.

You can access the fishing permit applications here.

You can see a Google map of the fishing area on Horsey Mere here.

If you do fish the Mere this Winter, please observe the rules, remember that these are enforced and any failure to observe will put future access at risk. Please stay within boundaries and help minimise the risk of disturbance on the birds. If bird activity is disturbed this additional area may be withdrawn and could effect the future of this access trial. Finally please respect the people who manage Horsey Mere and all the Upper Thurne fisheries and we can all enjoy the increased access this coming Winter and in the future. Thank you.

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