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Thurne Fisheries website is designed to advise on issues related to the angling and access to the Upper Thurne Broads in respect of seasonal wildfowl refuges and limited access to Horsey Mere for pike fishing.

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Horsey Mere

The Upper Thurne Broads within northern Broadland have long been recognised as an internationally important area for ducks and geese. Large flocks spend the winter on the open water of Hickling Broad, Horsey Mere and Martham Broads where they feed and roost. At times the Upper Thurne Broads can support up to ten thousand waterfowl.

Horsey Mere in point is a special case. The Mere has been an established refuge for many years and supports at times over 5000 waterfowl. ‘The vast majority of Broads users have abided by the winter closure over the years’ said Clive Doarks. He went on,”Fishing is permitted from Horsey Staithe but there are a few individual pike anglers who come onto the Mere by boat and repeatedly disturb the birds, and this cannot be tolerated within such an important wildlife site”.

Image shows that Horsey Mere is a full refuge – see the Angling page for more info about permitted access!


The new Google based map below defines the permitted fishing area and the inner zone marker shows the new extended area for the 2011-12 Winter season.

View horsey mere in a larger map

The image here provides an insight into the character of Horsey Mere and the coloured area indicates the wildfowl refuges that have been set up for this coming winter period.

Important point for note:

New powers under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act now make it an offence to intentionally disturb the waterfowl on Horsey Mere and any person found guilty may be liable for a fine of up to £20,000.

Formal letters will also be sent out to inform people about the risk of heavy fines for disturbing wildfowl on Horsey Mere.

The National Trust, Horsey Estate, Police Wildlife Crime Unit, Broads Authority and English Nature all hope such powers will not be needed.

Horsey Mere having been the venue of a past national Pike record, Hancocks 40lbs fish taken back in 1950, has for many years been fishable up to Nov 1st each year and has reopened to pike fishing again from 1st March for the last two weeks of the season, this will continue to be the case.

There is access throughout the Horsey Mere winter close season to fishing at Horsey Staithe, an area that can and does provide the opportunity to fish for pike and other coarse fish on a day ticket basis right through the winter.



Following the original limited 3 day per week fishing trial in 2005-2006 and the valuable information recorded in the period, the partnership have reviewed the way the fishing will be managed for the coming 2006-2007 season. From the 1st November 2006, Horsey Mere will be accessible for pike fishing 7 days a week via a permit fishing trial managed by the Horsey Estate. This will allow one boat, 2 anglers using up to 4 rods, to fish a designated area of the Mere. More details of this access can be found on the Horsey Angling page.

The access period will revert to the older style, fully open access, from 1st march 2007 for the last 2 weeks of the season.

There is also additional bank access to fishing throughout the Horsey Mere winter close season at Horsey Staithe, an area that can and does provide the opportunity to fish for pike and other coarse fish on a day ticket basis right through the winter.