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New Horsey permit for March open days

By predator-chaser | December 12, 2008

Following the discussions earlier this year regarding a simpler way to administer permits for the end of season 2 week open day period on Horsey Mere, a new permit system will be trialled.

The purpose of this is to facilitate both easier access and reduce the need to visit each boat and collect permit fee’s, this often risking the disturbance of the areas being fished and causing friction with the anglers. The plan is to issue a 14 day period permit  at a fee of  £30.00 per boat.

This will allow the preregistered boat to fish without the inconvenience of a bailiff cruising through the fishing areas disturbing the swim, to collect permit fee’s. To see this work effectively it would require the prior registration of the boat to be used and for the registration number/name of the boat to be clearly displayed whilst fishing. Boats using this system will immediately be recognisable and will not be subject to a visit from the bailiff.

If all users would make use of this system it will ensure that the whole broad is allowed to settle once everyone is fishing and optimise the chance of picking up a fish.

If you are a likely to be fishing on Horsey in March, then please consider taking advantage of this new permit system and maximise the benefit of being left to fish unhindered.

At £2.00 per day per boat for two anglers is not bad given the freedom on offer.

The 2 week period permit application form can be downloaded below and should be sent to the address detailed in the permit application.


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