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Thurne Fisheries website is designed to advise on issues related to the angling and access to the Upper Thurne Broads in respect of seasonal wildfowl refuges and limited access to Horsey Mere for pike fishing.

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Winter 2007-08 Season access to pike fish on Horsey Mere

By predator-chaser | August 15, 2007

Just to keep everyone up to date on the coming Winter and access to fish Horsey mere, it is likely that access will continue to be provided on the same basis as last year. This is all subject to the discussion that will take place at the annual review meeting sometime during September.

Should you wish to fish on Horsey Mere this coming Winter, then you can currently download an application and make a reservation. The terms and conditions and fee might change and if you have made a reservation then you will be advised of any changes that take place following the meeting.

As soon as there is any new details to reveal they will be notified to you here in the website. Any new maps, application forms or other information etc will be updated too.

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Welcome to the new Thurne Fisheries website!

By predator-chaser | June 7, 2007

Welcome to the newly updated Thurne Fisheries website.

There was not a lot wrong with the old one, but making the site more accessible and providing a more manageable interface gives a greater ability to keep the information up to date. This new site has an RSS feed so you can have the latest information or updates on the site available on your desktop as it happens.

Hopefully you will find it a little easier to use and find the information you need to get a trip or two booked to fish the Mere.

The 2007-2008 season is approaching rapidly and it is hoped that the access on Horsey Mere will be maintained for the coming Winter and as soon as this is confirmed the details will be posted for your information. Full details will be added to the Horsey Angling page when confirmed.

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Winter 2006-7

By predator-chaser | June 7, 2007

Following analysis of the recorded data from the trial in 2005-6, a meeting was called to discuss the future of the Wildfowl Refuges and again the decision has been made to continue the ‘voluntary refuge’ project, with the same requests to all users to observe the Code of Conduct and minimise the disturbance on all the Thurne Broads.

In addition at the meeting it was announced that the Horsey Mere angling access trial would be continued. Here again the data confirmed that the permitted angling access had not contributed to the disturbance of the wildfowl.

Such was the feelings that there was more to be gained by extending the trial, that it has been agreed with English Nature and the Horsey Estate, that not only will we have access for the Winter of 2006-7, but the amount of days will be increased to give 7 day a week access for 1 boat and the area available for fishing will be increased too. More detail of which will be found on the Horsey Angling Access page of this web site.

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Winter 2005-6

By predator-chaser | June 7, 2007

clear and cold winter morningFollowing the initial trial in 2004/5 the project was continued for the Winter of 2005-6 as there was no recorded increased disturbance generally, other than that on Horsey Mere.

In an attempt to resolve the poaching on Horsey Mere a discussion meeting was held to attempt to find an answer. The suggested answer was to allow a limited access to the Mere in the hope that this would remove the urge to poach. It was to have been a 7 day access, however this was finally set at 3 days per week.

With the new permitted access for one boat on each of the days, the trial continued with the addition of bailiffing by locally appointed wardens, chosen from the pike anglers regularly fishing the area.

The general result of the trial identified that the disturbance caused during the 2005/6 trial was from sources other than permitted angling boats. Various incidents occurred that displaced the birds, some of which were again unauthorised pike fishing between the permitted days.

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