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Thurne Fisheries website is designed to advise on issues related to the angling and access to the Upper Thurne Broads in respect of seasonal wildfowl refuges and limited access to Horsey Mere for pike fishing.

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Winter 2006-7

By predator-chaser | June 7, 2007

Following analysis of the recorded data from the trial in 2005-6, a meeting was called to discuss the future of the Wildfowl Refuges and again the decision has been made to continue the ‘voluntary refuge’ project, with the same requests to all users to observe the Code of Conduct and minimise the disturbance on all the Thurne Broads.

In addition at the meeting it was announced that the Horsey Mere angling access trial would be continued. Here again the data confirmed that the permitted angling access had not contributed to the disturbance of the wildfowl.

Such was the feelings that there was more to be gained by extending the trial, that it has been agreed with English Nature and the Horsey Estate, that not only will we have access for the Winter of 2006-7, but the amount of days will be increased to give 7 day a week access for 1 boat and the area available for fishing will be increased too. More detail of which will be found on the Horsey Angling Access page of this web site.

The arrangements that had been implemented during the previous season utilising the services of the local anglers as wardens will no longer be continued, this did not meet the needs of the partnership and it was decided that there was much to be gained from increasing access and allowing the presence of an authorised boat and angler(s) to be the means of managing access.

The partnership is stronger and the message remains clear. Please observe the Code of Conduct on all the listed Wildfowl Refuges in the Upper Thurne and minimise the disturbance again this Winter and hopefully this continuing trial will perhaps, become a permanent feature of the pike fishing season.

Again you have the opportunity to help this become a reality, please do support our efforts to maintain the opportunity!

Conclusion of the 2006 – 2007 season

Again following the support from the anglers who visit and fish on the Upper Thuren fisheries, where they have observed the Code of Conduct we have seen a very successful season with minimal disturbance of the overwintering wildfowl, with good numbers of birds being recorded on the refuges.

The actual fishing on the Mere also revealed that given the presence of a boat and angler(s) in the enlarged access area, the wildfowl have been less disturbed during this winter than in previous years and good numbers of birds were present on most days. Low numbers of birds were not attributed to the presence of the angler. Likewise the problem of poaching has been managed in a different way and this ability to get a days fishing ‘legitimately’ has removed the need to poach and those who have made the effort have reportedly been well rewarded!

As a result it is hoped that at the next review meeting the trial access will be continued and if no further extension to the fishable area is offered, we shall continue to have access to a good area of the westernside of the Mere.

Again this is all thanks to the anglers taking heed of the rules and making this continuing trial successful.

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